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Family time is more about technology: games, communication, entertainment.

It always has to be ahead of the times, but then the old, used, still working devices get thrown into drawers and boxes and forgotten.

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Upgrades to effectively do your work is imperative, no matter what your job is. Printers, laptops, desktops, screens, etc.

Packing the old junk and storing them in cupboards or the warehouse is not the way to let go responsibly.

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Scrapping servers is all about security. Banging the hard drives is as effective as putting them through the shredder.

Network and power cables do deteriorate and require proper disposal methods.



is electronic waste or e-waste?

Electronic Waste is any Unwanted / Broken / Obsolete / Outdated Electronic Equipment ie. Devices that work with either electricity, batteries, wind, solar or dynamo.


recycle electronic waste?

With technology changing at an alarming rate, electronic waste has become one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Electronic Waste often comprises of hazardous and toxic components that when discarded can be harmful to our environment.


can you make a positive impact?

Every little bit helps.

e waste
  • Part 1
  • Reduce
  • Reducing is the first and most effective of the three Rs. It means reducing your consumption or buying less. Designing items like plastic bottles in ways that use less material is another way to reduce consumption. Using steel cutlery instead of plastic utensils, buying used goods, mending clothes instead of buying new ones and consuming less electricity are all examples of ways you can reduce in your own life.

  • Part 2
  • Reuse
  • Rather than throwing out your old cellphones, give or sell it to people that don't have - thereby reducing the consumption of new resources. Composting, using jars to store leftover food, and trading or selling used DVDs rather than throwing them out are all examples of ways people can reuse. Reusing is the second most effective of the three Rs; like reducing, it avoids creating waste rather than trying to recycle it once it's already there.

  • Part 3
  • Recycle
  • Recycling is the third of the three Rs. Recycling extracts valuable materials from old broken items that might otherwise be mined and extracted from raw materials for new products. Nationwide there are various stores which offer a facility to dispose of your old devices, which gets collected by recycling companies to recycle; like Makro, Incredible Connection and Hi-Fi Corporation. With your help, we all can make the difference which improves our environment.

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Terms and Conditions:
1. KE-WM Does Not Take Household Batteries (Remote/AA/AAA Batteries), FLC 'S And Radioactive Equipment, Or Toners - unless pre-arranged and there will be a cost involved
2. KE-WM Does Not Move Any Furniture Or Remove Other Types Of Waste - unless pre-arranged and there will be a cost involved
3. Goods Should Be Placed At 1 Collection Area For Easy Pick-Up
4. Should Any Delays Occur Not Directly Attributable To The Collection Vehicle Itself, Standing Time Of R500 Per Hour Or Part Thereof, Will Be Charged After 30 Minutes
5. Any collection details that need to be changed are to be done at least 24 hours before the collection date by the client, via telephone (011 969 6067)
6. KE-WM can not be held liable for any 3rd party decisions regarding units collected and recycled / destroyed
7. Any certificate requested will be sent 7 days, from the date the units arrive at our premises, to the contact person as stated on this form
8. KE-WM will not be held liable for any damages to floors, walls, doors, roofs, ceilings, or any part of the property caused when collecting electronic waste
9. All fields marked with an * Asterisk * are to be completed
10. I, The Undersigned, Declare That As Far As I'm Aware, The Goods Collected by KE-WM, Is Not Stolen. If Found That Any Goods Are Stolen, My Details Will Be Made Available To The SAPS For Further Investigation And I Will Carry All Costs Or Damages Suffered By KE-WM.
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